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How To Fly A Pig

Understand Choice. Make Decisions. Determine Success


The impossible is never as far away as it might seem. If you are someone whose goals or achievements seem to always be just out of reach, it's time to harness the power of learning to bring these firmly into your grasp. Join us to acquire the strategies as together we learn How To Fly A Pig. Let's Soar!

A cute male cartoon pig dressed in business attire flying through the air
A cute female cartoon pig dressed in business attire with a cape flying through the air

What is How To Fly A Pig?

What Is It?

How To Fly A Pig is a membership community designed to help you understand the role that learning has in your life. There are many strategies that can have a large impact on how you are able to progress goals and outcomes, simply through embracing the model for learning. 

Determinability and Action

How To Fly A Pig emphasises actions through strategies that will bring results. Learning comes at the result of an action, therefore you need to determine the appropriate pathways in which you can proceed. Small steps are cumulative and have a profound impact on your success.

Why The Pig?

Hilarious but serious. The simple concept of How To Fly A Pig embodies the principles of understand choice, make decisions and determine success. The idea of pigs flying was once inconceivable, but we now know that there are many ways that we can make this happen. The question is, how will you fly yours?

What Will You Gain?

Clarity in being able to take on any new challenge AND improve your current endeavours through a better understanding of the learning process and the role this plays. Sign up for your free membership to begin your journey. 

If you’d like more information about our offerings, get in touch today.

Find out more through...

We are here to help you better understand the learning process and how this can impact your life in a positive way. There are many different tools and strategies that will be useful and you can access these below.

A cute cartoon pig dressed in business attire writing in a journal

The Blog "Pig Tales"

Join Mr Pigglesworth and the rest of the crew in our latest adventures and considerations of learning. Here you will find short insights into the everyday applications of learning and different ways that you can fly a pig!

A cute female cartoon pig dressed in business attire holding a camera


Looking to explore ideas in more depth? This is a great place to consider how these different aspects can apply to your life and how you can leverage these to take advantage of the learning process. 

A cute female cartoon pig dressed in business attire sitting and reading a book

 The Free Stuff

Do you want to get your hands directly onto helpful resources that will provide the backbone to your learning experience? This is a great place to start, and it's free! Sign up for a free membership and access all of "The Free Stuff"

What We Offer

Complete Learning Skills

Learning is never restricted to a classroom and in fact is an area that we take for granted in our everyday lives. There are a number of skills that you already have and now is your opportunity to leverage these to your advantage. Access these resources to better understand the learning process and speed up your knowledge and skill development.

Determinability and Action

Too many choices? Don't know where to start? Struggle to stay focused once you do? The Decidability and Action programme will let you gain the foothold you need work through the resistance factors in your life and find the success that you deserve.

Complete Learning Strategies

The application of knowledge is the key part of building your complete learning experience. Refine this process through leveraging your current knowledge to better understand the choices you have in front of you. Make the decisions that you require and determine the success that this brings. 

Responsive Interactions

We are constantly working and revising our offering to help you develop the learning skills and strategies that will improve both your capability and potential. We will work with you to find the right alignment for your life. 

If you’d like more information about our offerings, get in touch today.

Model of Learning - Graphics 16.png

For Learning

Learning is at the core of all you do. The model for learning is an integral part to better applying the strategies that will provide an advantage in each activity and endeavour that you take on.  This is at the centre of How To Fly A Pig and provides you with an effective means for understanding how learning applies in each moment of your life.

A cute cartoon pig dressed in business attire holding colourful balloons

Understand Choice

Develop an understanding of self awareness and situational acumen to best help recognise your current situation. Identify your resistance and resonant factors to find alignment in your life

A cute cartoon pig dressed in business attire standing next to a small homemade rocket

Make Decisions

Action. Equip yourself to make better decisions and be deliberate in what you do. . Evaluate what works best for you now and what your future self will thank you for. 

A cute female cartoon pig dressed in business attire and a cape flying through the air

Determine Success

Recognise how learning determines your progress, your achievement and your success. It's time for you to soar. 

Understand Choice

In the busyness and chaos of life, understanding choice emerges as a critical skill. It isn't mere happenstance, nor is it solely dictated by external forces. Rather, it lies at the intersection of self-awareness and situational acumen, a dynamic interplay between who we are and the opportunities that exist around us. Self-awareness acts as the compass, guiding us towards decisions that resonate with our core values, skills and aspirations. Situational acumen, in turn, equips us with the map. It sharpens our gaze, enabling us to discern the nuances of any given scenario. We assess potential resonant factors, identify resistance, and recognize the broader implications of each choice. This is all informed by the Decidability Model that helps to evaluate your current situation and prioritise the next steps you will take.

Make Decisions

Having traversed the path of “understanding choice” and building on the outcomes of the decidability model, you now arrive at the pivotal juncture of “making decisions”. You will be guided through a process that allows you to make decisions from an informed point of view and be confident in what steps need to be taken to pursue your path of choice. You will find alignment between the four key areas of your life and seek the overlaps that provide your own unique balance according to where you are. In essence, it’s a strategic appraisal of both your internal passion and external realities that provide clarity and a clear vision of what the future will behold.

Determine Success

By understanding what constitutes success in your own life, you will better equip yourself to define the measures that you will strive towards. Small goals can turn into big goals and can lead to new and unexpected opportunities in the future. The clearer you are about the outcome, the easier it is to map your progress and bring this to fruition. Finally, it’s time for you to take action, be deliberate in your approach and understand that each moment that you spend on your goal is a step to your own success.

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If you have a question or would like more information about the How To Fly A Pig services, then we would love to hear from you. 

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