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A cute cartoon pig family dressed in business attire and standing in front of a house

Mr Pigglesworth

Mr Pigglesworth is your typical pig. Between a career, a family, and the many personal aspirations that he has, he lives a very busy life (sometimes too busy). He loves to be involved in many things, but is now beginning to find that he is stretched all over the place and is seeking the right strategies to find alignment in his life. He has increasingly found it hard to know where his time goes and as well as his energy doesn't seem to be quite what it once was. However, he has developed the resolve to turn things around for the people in his life and for his own pig being. Mr Pigglesworth is here to inspire you with his tales and provide some valuable insights into the world we live in today. 

The Educator

I love learning. I have always been invested as an educator with over 15 years experience as a teacher and leader in the education sector.  From this, I have grown the understanding of the role and importance of ongoing learning in our lives as being the key driver for finding success in what we do. Having worked with both adults and young people alike, it is clear that we are not always great at understanding our own growth and progress in life and we often need support to more clearly see this aspect. Learning has never been restricted to the classroom, and it is a tool that you can leverage to better understand choice, make decisions and determine your own success in all areas of your life. 


A cute cartoon pig dressed in business attire soaring through the air

How To Fly A Pig

How To Fly A Pig is an initiative to support anyone that finds their ambitions and reality don't quite meet. There is a distinct gap between the support we are given through our time in education compared to the education that life brings to us. Through a mix of learning strategies, coaching principles and sage advice from numerous experts, you can better understand the approach that will yield the strongest results for you. We design courses that are responsive and reflect the changing nature of the technology and how we learn. 


Get in touch to see how this growth and learning opportunity works for you or sign up and get started with the decidability and action course here. 

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